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Yo KNS, whats good? Nice to have you here for this interview.

it’s really nice to be here man I’ve been checking out your site and I really like it.

Thanks man, we appreciate it! Tell us short what u are doin and where u from.

Well man they call me the Mid- West Prince. I’m from Chicago, Wisconsin and Indiana. I do a lil bit a everything. I Rap, Sing and Produce and u kno im Tha Engineer.

Yea, we see u are very busy. Besides workin with a lot of Big Names as a Engineer u are a lot in rappin right now. What kind of project we can await?

Well right now. I’m working on the L.T.B. project with my boys from H.E. that stands for Lions Tigers and Bears its gonna be crazy, then I got my next installment of the collection coming.. its Tha Collection 3.0

Check this out. H.E. in tha House:

Some time ago we had another H.E. representer in da House: Mr. Limp. It´s been a while, so what we can expect of that team these days and how u became part of Drag-On´s Team?

Well me and Drag On have been cool for a long time I’m his engineer and you know I just started doing hooks for the crew and things just fell in place.

U also work with DJ Desue of Berlin and other german artists. Tell us something bout that connections Homie.

Me and Desue inked up when I start working with the bushido. Bushido came to the states and worked with swizz beatz. Im also his engineer and then after that it was just crazy me and kay one hit it off and he put me in his group Crime Payz. to bring the usa hip hop swag to the crew. Big ups to my homies shindy,blacklife, seyf, obie designz, and hussein. after that i started sending them crazy tracks and we are working on are project.

And yo, he is “Der einzig Wahre”:

Man, we can´t await to check out more stuff of you. Your Shit is very versatile. If u rap on a Dilla Beat or a Street Banger, it fits. Props for that. How would u describe your Style as a MC and also Producer?

My style is unknown. I do what I want on any track. sing, rap, talk. I do whatever I wanna, so my style is very unknown. you can never expect anything.. but classic material.

Yea, check this tune people:

Some weeks before, u ment u like the Beats of the upcoming german Producer “Science“. Is there somethin in the pipeline?

yes I like his style of production. so I think I’m gonna try to get some new stuff from science for my new project. so watch out for that…

Aight Sir, thanks again for this interview. The last words are yours!

Thanks man. I’ll look forward to the next time. I want to send a big shout out to the KayOne Army and my crew Mushroom Gang and my homie Cosimo. We didn’t win. But u was the best person on the show. much love to the whole germany for supporting me and my music. And 4 the record. I have added ravensburg as my new hometown when i come to germany. So much love to my people there. #Crime Payz 4 Life.. if any one wants to holla at me. Bookings and anything. @KnsThaEngineer…

Aight sir! Ya´ll should check out his mixtape here:

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PS: This shit goes hard: