Kevin Pistol feat E-40 – “Sumnasay” – video

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Actually listened to a great track?

I hope you did. Cause this time around here on DrpimpsLab iam sure this is a hammer. Mega Flow with all can pray for and 2 very very totally talented rappers. That`s the essence of rap. E-40 your the man – I adore that you give new talents a platform and support them: I like and thank you for that. I hope you will go on with that and your music and raps for more than 6 decades. E-40 rulez and Kevin Piztol do 2. Peace out 2 you 2. Great. The Bay iz it and colorado of course! And thanx a lot for the tip whizzkid!

Kevin Pistol feat E-40 - "Sumnasay" - video, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating