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A RedMan must be the King of Hearts

A RedMan must be the King of Hearts

Dr. Pimp:

“In this case I invented something really new. Very bloody although very real. A shootout to my transylvanian fella freshkingal.de and Happy Birthday wishes too. I`ve to excuse for missing your Party FreshKingAl, but I felt miserable today. Ähh back to my new picture. It shows the traditional technique of tattooing. I had this idea of a painful living weaking up after a nightnare, here in My nice Laboratory in Transylvania.”

This looks crazy again. Let me take a look at what we have here. It`s a young black man enjoying the pain of getting an ink artwork that goes straight under your skin. The woman seems to adore the situation with a sadistic glance in her expression. She is dressed real cool but not with not to much on her skin. I like her charisma. And because the King of Hearts must be a bloody RedMan Vampire. So I made the only right decision for this card. If you like our Love Lab, please comment here & RT us I´ve you think it is cool & fresh what me and my folks is doing here. Thangs and Good Night…and don`t dream of Vampires.

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