Date: Sunday 26th April 2015

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E.Klips Da Hustla – “Death Riders” – C-Bo(G-MIX) Video (HD)

E Klips da Hustla - "Death Riders" - video HD
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This is another E. Klps da Hustla SMASHER. That track left me speechless. The always repeating hook for that “SAC rulez” – Iam a Sac fiend

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EMOE TVEE: E.Klips Da Hustla “Turn Off The Radio”- video (720pHD)

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E.Klips Da Hustla E.Klips da Hustla izzzz KILLAH, Unbeatable my Brotha. I believe in the power of GrownAzzGanstaz. This Shhhhhhit iz fantastique. and EMOE from EMOE TVEE again did a marvellous job. dats from the most talented. Dont turnt dat off. GREATATATATATATAT.

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Thats ink of the pimp
ja ich Dr Pimp im imaginary comic mit christianpimp-opel-comic>
my pencil unsharp