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Yassir – That`s Rap made in Germany. And that is of course the heart of german rap

Yassir – Yassir ist mein name – The first time I heard this song I was flashed by the lyrics, by Yassir and by the video – Hammerhart. Yassir truly discovered rap and gave and gave it a special german coloring. A mixture of Rock Guitar and oriental melody. This tipp was conspiratively communicated to our editorial by our featured artist Seng Banger.

If you are americano you might wonder, what this song is about. Yassir raps about his moving life. He was a gangsta, raps about wasted love, jail time. Yassir is more than a gangsta rapper, cause he has a vision of a better youth. He reverses the onus of proof and shows that gangsta rap is positive, cause this is the only chance to leave the ghetto, even in mind. Take that into account and hopefully there will be a duett of Yassir and Seng. We would like that. Anyway, Yassir keep on with your great work and mission: I achieve my aim everytime I free a tortured soul! Yassir even now is my name.

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