Date: Sunday 17th February 2019


PSK 13 – Youngsta – video

The greastest Rap Song ever? Not sure, but very close

The moments are rare, when a song really moves you. This is one of those. I wish their would be a

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Nutty with Maksta in Front of the Wormser DOM

Mizta Nutty – LAUTA! – audio

"Dreh den Scheiss hier lauta!" or for my english recipients "Turn dat shit on!!. Nutty is a great german rap artists with an remarkable Style and fantastique innovative flow. Yeah

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Sly Boogy feat. Roscoe, Kurupt, Mack 10, E-40, Crooked-I & Jayo Felony – California – video

Sly Boogy featuring Roscoe, Kurupt, Mack 10, E-40, Crooked-I & Jayo Felony - California (Remix) ★ See I was raised at the gutter. And no matter what happened I

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geto boys – I tried – Video

Lyrics: [Scarface] She don’t wanna be with me no mo‘ Ain’t her fault she just tired of this dumb shit […]

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Yassir – Yassir ist mein Name ///

Yassir-video: If you are americano you might wonder, what this song is about. Yassir raps about his moving life. He was a gangsta, raps about wasted love, jail time. Yassir

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Mad CJ Mac – You aint Street!!! – video

This is Mad CJ Mac - Playing "You aint street. Great song and a video with real nice weather. Love this song - it reduces street credebility 2 tha core.

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Mc Eight & Daz Dillinger – Hit the floor – Video

Mc Eight & Daz Dillinger ★ We came in the door, said it before, West Side, East Side when we hit the floor. Got the paper for sure, got chronic

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MC Eiht feat. Techniec & Mack 10 – The Hood is Mine – Video

I been dyin to ride. MC Eiht feat. Techniec & Mack 10 ★ Been dyin to shine, Dyin to rob, Been dyin to rep this side. Dyin to serve. Dyin

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Lil Jon and The East Side Boyz, Ice Cube – Roll Call – video

Lyrics: Roll Call Lil John & The East Side Boyz (feat. Ice Cube) [ Lil‘ Jon talking ] Yeah! Right […]

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georgee talkboxx im Interview 1.12.2012

Georgee Talkbox – Interview mit einer Legende

Dr. Pimp im Interview mit der G-Funk und Talkboxx Legende Georgee Talkbox. amazing!

Uwe Felchle - Green Funk!

Uwe Felchle im Sonntagsinterview mit Dr. Pimp. Es geht um grünen Funk

Das unfassbare Interview über grünen Funk. Masta Funk is back. Uwe Felchle im Interview mit Dr. Pimp.

Kay Mason of MoFunk

Interview mit Kay Mason CEO von Mo‘ Funk – Partner of Jom 361

Das erste und beste Interview mit Kay Mason of 361 music.Introducing the new Label "361 Music" of Jom, Tony Tone und Kay Mason.

C-Bo and WC Dub C video shoot

JMillion Interview about C-Bo and WC

Dr. Pimp in interview with J-Million about the new WC (Dub C) and C-Bo video.




Dope Switzerland/France Collabo!   PDF version

New Video: Wiz Khalifa – Brainstorm !!!

Da Wiz Khalifa Brainstorm

Young Rhodez – Hot Headed !!!

Check it out! :) More:   PDF version

Bobby Creekwater Album Cover "Bobby Creek"

FUPM (Bobby Creekwater + Stat Quo) – Dope Out My Window

Yessir! FUPM in da Building… U also can find this Tune alongside with other hot shit on our Mixtape „Dr. […]

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