Date: Thursday 20th June 2019

boss-b-dear-us-album-cover-illustration [HD] -drawing tutorial video

Boss B – Dear US – drawing video

Wenn man den Song von Boss B zum ersten Mal hört ist man von Beginn an von der Stimmung paralysiert. Selten hat ein Song ein Gesamtfazit derart unverblümt auf den

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Deichkind-ft-Nina – Bon-Voyage – video

Deichkind ft. Nina – Bon Voyage – video

Deichkind feat. Nina BON VOYAGE - Das Mike ist am Arsch. - Another german hip hop evergreen

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Boo-Yaa Tribe & Chino XL -Trouble- video

Definitely the best - That rocks Boyaa and chino.Although I think there should be more melodical shit in it like in the intro. But the flow really kicks. Its fast,

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Busta Rhymes feat. Mary J. Blige, Rah Digga, Lloyd Banks, Missy Elliott, Papoose, DMX – Touch It Remix – Video

[Intro & Chorus] „Touch it – bring it – babe – watch it – turn it – leave it – […]

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LiL Flex – Block Chedda feat. D Black – Video

LiL Flex – Block Chedda feat. D Black – Video

Pur, Raw und einfach nur Fesch. Wenn das mal nicht dem Dr. passt. PDF version

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Noble M – Roland Koch – video

Noble M – Roland Koch – video

Noble M - Roland Koch - video Eine neue Art des Raps. Aramaien style

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Ist deutscher Rap tot?

Irgendwas ist im Rap verkehrt gelaufen. Es ging im Rap immer um, „guck was ich tue“ nicht um „mach, was […]

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Def Squad ,Redman,Sermon,Murray – Don’t Make No Sense-video

Get the other record Ohh yeah In this corner we have the worlds greatest

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The cover illustration Yung Gatlin "Pringle Plan" with "Dragon Eve" and "Mistress" for the GAG & DrPimpsLab upcoming video interview.

Yung Gatlin – the all new Snoop Dogg?

The Rap Game is different from any other music style in many ways. With the years I digg more `n more deeply into its true core. The Rap Market has

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georgee talkboxx im Interview 1.12.2012

Georgee Talkbox – Interview mit einer Legende

Dr. Pimp im Interview mit der G-Funk und Talkboxx Legende Georgee Talkbox. amazing!

Uwe Felchle - Green Funk!

Uwe Felchle im Sonntagsinterview mit Dr. Pimp. Es geht um grünen Funk

Das unfassbare Interview über grünen Funk. Masta Funk is back. Uwe Felchle im Interview mit Dr. Pimp.

Kay Mason of MoFunk

Interview mit Kay Mason CEO von Mo‘ Funk – Partner of Jom 361

Das erste und beste Interview mit Kay Mason of 361 music.Introducing the new Label "361 Music" of Jom, Tony Tone und Kay Mason.

C-Bo and WC Dub C video shoot

JMillion Interview about C-Bo and WC

Dr. Pimp in interview with J-Million about the new WC (Dub C) and C-Bo video.




Dope Switzerland/France Collabo!   PDF version

New Video: Wiz Khalifa – Brainstorm !!!

Da Wiz Khalifa Brainstorm

Young Rhodez – Hot Headed !!!

Check it out! :) More:   PDF version

Bobby Creekwater Album Cover "Bobby Creek"

FUPM (Bobby Creekwater + Stat Quo) – Dope Out My Window

Yessir! FUPM in da Building… U also can find this Tune alongside with other hot shit on our Mixtape „Dr. […]

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