Date: Tuesday 20th August 2019

Mack 10 Feat Lil Wayne & Rick Ross – So Sharp – video

Mack 10 Feat. Lil Wayne & Rick Ross ★ i stay sharp yeah, mack diamond so sharp, thats me, i mean you kno my money grown, but i stay sharp

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Peter Fox – schwarz zu blau – video

Lyrics – Song-Text Komm aus’m Club, war schön gewesen Stinke nach Suff, bin kaputt, ist ’n schönes Leben Steig‘ über […]

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Tech N9ne – Bad Season - video

Tech N9ne – Bad Season – Audio Mixtape

Tech N9ne - Bad Season - Audio Mixtape. Das Ding ist ein "sponsored" Release und somit über Datpiff ohne Login zum DL am Start

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2Pac – Never Be Peace (O.G.)

Now of course I want peace on the streets, but realistically. Paintin perfect pictures ain't never worked, my misery. was so deep, couldn't sleep through all my pressures

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Del tha Funkee Homosapien „Mistadoblina“ – video

Del the funky homosapien. Roots of Hip Hop our new series. Its from the nineties. so watch the style.

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XLR-6010-murrdoc cover video

XLR-6010 – MURRDOC! *electro single* – video

Its fun! I love dat XLR-6010 Teccno group. This must be really a famous artist who made that. I am sure of that. The beat is just a smash. And

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Young Dre D – „Did It“ – (Music Video)

Dre D iz one of best westcoast rappers that I know. That man must be born flowing. i never heard so strong lyrics or find a comparable Flow nor a

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Petey Pablo – Raise Up Live performance @ German Club 2003

That guy got spirit and fabulous flow. North Carolina raise up. I love the video...but somehow it was not affordable for us- so we bring u that fantastique live version

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Too Short – Blow the whistle – Live – Video

Too $hort ★ I go on and on on,Cant understand how i last so long, I must have super powers, Rap 225,000 hours, Get a calculater, Do the math, I

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georgee talkboxx im Interview 1.12.2012

Georgee Talkbox – Interview mit einer Legende

Dr. Pimp im Interview mit der G-Funk und Talkboxx Legende Georgee Talkbox. amazing!

Uwe Felchle - Green Funk!

Uwe Felchle im Sonntagsinterview mit Dr. Pimp. Es geht um grünen Funk

Das unfassbare Interview über grünen Funk. Masta Funk is back. Uwe Felchle im Interview mit Dr. Pimp.

Kay Mason of MoFunk

Interview mit Kay Mason CEO von Mo‘ Funk – Partner of Jom 361

Das erste und beste Interview mit Kay Mason of 361 music.Introducing the new Label "361 Music" of Jom, Tony Tone und Kay Mason.

C-Bo and WC Dub C video shoot

JMillion Interview about C-Bo and WC

Dr. Pimp in interview with J-Million about the new WC (Dub C) and C-Bo video.




Dope Switzerland/France Collabo!   PDF version

New Video: Wiz Khalifa – Brainstorm !!!

Da Wiz Khalifa Brainstorm

Young Rhodez – Hot Headed !!!

Check it out! :) More:   PDF version

Bobby Creekwater Album Cover "Bobby Creek"

FUPM (Bobby Creekwater + Stat Quo) – Dope Out My Window

Yessir! FUPM in da Building… U also can find this Tune alongside with other hot shit on our Mixtape „Dr. […]

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