Date: Thursday 17th January 2019

Messy Marv, JT The Bigga Figga – Keep It On The Down Low – video

Messy Marv, JT The Bigga Figga – Keep It On The Down Low – video

Actually that track has it's home in the Bay or so called Bay Area, North America, choose Westside and have look at Frisco, than you are on the right track.

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Mac Dre feat. Yukmouth – Boss Tycoon – Video

Mac Dre feat. Yukmouth ★ Uh, what, Nigga what....let's do it, (nigga what), Nigga what....Like that, [Verse 1: Mac Dre], I know, doe ray me, But no I'm not a

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Busta Rhymes feat. Ol‘ Dirty Bastard – Woo Hah!! – Video

Busta Rhymes, Ol Dirty Bastard ★ The Flip Mode is the Squad that controls your set, Woo-Hah!! Got you all in check, We on some outta state SHOOT like you

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Swaat- Hey Hey- produced by Flumbeatz (OFFICIAL VIDEO) HD

What else can I saay than that. Dat is Rap, hard and straight from the streetz of germany. yeah the beat is busting, it'll pill your cap back. Watch this

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NEW MIXTAPE: Words Gone Wild – Eargasm! Vol.3 (starring: Rick Ross & Ha-style) Hosted By Wordsmith

Vol. 3 of this Premium Mixtape Series brought to you by Dr. Pimp & The Whizz Kid in cooperation with […]

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HOT VIDEO: Deedub – Freedom of Mind!

Deedub of Long Beach, CA with his video to „Freedom of Mind“. PDF version

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Lace Leno Portrait -"Doin what I feel like" drawing cover in full color

Lace Leno portrait

Lace Leno the Rapstar from the Sac. This man got a remarkable flow and an extraordinary voice. Yeah I like Lace Leno and all tracks that he is on. So

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Dutch ReBelle „Beantown Ish/Ketchup“ (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO + MIXTAPE!)

And here it comes: The new Video of Dutch ReBelle, which brings us nearer to the Beantown Ish! BTW: Beantown […]

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DJ Quick feat. AMG - Trouble - Video

Dj Quick feat. AMG – Trouble – Video

Dj Quick feat. AMG ★ I'm not ya one hit wonder. And when you see me on the streets in a black jeep, know I got the heat up under.

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georgee talkboxx im Interview 1.12.2012

Georgee Talkbox – Interview mit einer Legende

Dr. Pimp im Interview mit der G-Funk und Talkboxx Legende Georgee Talkbox. amazing!

Uwe Felchle - Green Funk!

Uwe Felchle im Sonntagsinterview mit Dr. Pimp. Es geht um grünen Funk

Das unfassbare Interview über grünen Funk. Masta Funk is back. Uwe Felchle im Interview mit Dr. Pimp.

Kay Mason of MoFunk

Interview mit Kay Mason CEO von Mo‘ Funk – Partner of Jom 361

Das erste und beste Interview mit Kay Mason of 361 music.Introducing the new Label "361 Music" of Jom, Tony Tone und Kay Mason.

C-Bo and WC Dub C video shoot

JMillion Interview about C-Bo and WC

Dr. Pimp in interview with J-Million about the new WC (Dub C) and C-Bo video.




Dope Switzerland/France Collabo!   PDF version

New Video: Wiz Khalifa – Brainstorm !!!

Da Wiz Khalifa Brainstorm

Young Rhodez – Hot Headed !!!

Check it out! :) More:   PDF version

Bobby Creekwater Album Cover "Bobby Creek"

FUPM (Bobby Creekwater + Stat Quo) – Dope Out My Window

Yessir! FUPM in da Building… U also can find this Tune alongside with other hot shit on our Mixtape „Dr. […]

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