Artificial Intelligence RuleZ

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The PimpSickMagazine #1 People you don`t know and don`t like"

In this weeks edition of the PimpSickMagazine Weekend Homestories we will concentrate on artificial intelligence. Yeah folks that`s the mystery in all of our lives. Where can I get one? What is it good for? And what the hell does it do to me? These are typical bothers of people, who are artificially brain ruled. On this weeks cover we have one of those, a really smart guy signing up for the PimpSickMagazines author staff, The stinky Nic Nac.
He think he is a smart guy but he is mistaken. He crept as a roach inside the mysterious rooms of the Pimp Laboratory – and came out as a wrting artitst known by his stagename „Stinkender Schnick Schnack“. Glouriuos for drinking barrels of butzelmann every Weekend. Yeah that`s a true story about, where artificially intelligence can drive your life to. Now Stinky Nic Nac is a king roach. See what will happen to the brave new member of DrPimpsLab…[ be continued]

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