Black Pop Art – Dr. Pimp`s WE thoughts #2 – New Art Forms

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The first #1 draft of black pop Art - Eve Eleven

The first #1 draft of black pop Art - Eve Eleven

WE stands for weekend. I can feel that this is the most beautifulliest weekend for me ever. And I hope that this is just the same for you. I gave you Sinister Jack the Jack of Cross.
If you now ask yourself, what all this is good for – – Black Pop Art. I hope I can bring the spirit of black life culture to all of you. First there is some paradigms for Black Pop Art:
#1 All human beeings are equal, treat yourselfs in respect.
#2 …although not every human beeing is the same.
#3 Individualism rules.
#4 Practise Acceptance and Tolerance to all the things that are different
#4 all human beeing and all other either is part of this world.
#5 not every situation on this world is explainable or at least understandable (Me don`t believe in Stephen Hawking – It just don`t only seem that there is something more behind this worl, there IS really something more superlunaryly. Oh weeee)

That is enough rulez by now. Black Pop Art tries to show up the black side of so called „normal Pop Art„.
These rules and regulation for the artist is mixed with complete different black-white color theme, sometimes used with spartanic use of full color ares in a comical manner.
The reason for that? The comic is the only modern form of a real new, though commercialized, art form. The comic became as seriuos as other art work. The best and exceptionally gifted artits from my point of view revolutionized this art form of the comic. He developed a complete new figurative language and style- full of political cynicism …
– and from the bottom up honestly.

There are other similar developments in art work quite to many to be all mentioned. Therefore I will try to make a long story short. Beuys is next.
„Die einzig wahre Revolution ist die Kunst“- And the spirit within this message became the belief of Black Pop Art.
And another drift of Pop Art is black music culture so called Hip Hop. Listen to real Hip Hop and you know what I mean.
And now we come to the first draft of Black Pop Art – Eve Eleven. Nothing spectacluar – but a starting point of real black artwork!

That`s enough for tonight – I´ll be back with more thoughts, drafts and more even Blacker pop Art. Twitttttteeeeeerrrrrrr even. Have a nice Weekend all of you audience.

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