Boss B – Dear US – video

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I got no words for that – I was simply totally impressed.

Never heard something like this before. Thats the true essence of rap. Boss B is one of the highly talented young upcoming rap artists. The lyrics is reasonable and smashing the same time around. I never could have find better words for the current political situation in the USA than him. Boss B?! If you are around: let me say this: For me this is the best rap track of 2011. Boss B, Iam sure my friend that this is a ticket for a fast No1 hit. Where can we get that awesome song or video. Simply great – that man innotizes rap business. Go an with dat great work.

Lyrics Boss B „Dear America/Dear US

Dear, US
I swear to God i thought we came farther
140 some odd years since we were chained hard to
Believe its been 41 years since they had slain Martin
Never lettin his dream die I’ll remain marchin
I stay calm through the race baitin and name callin,
The Profiling
No-mind to who fit the description we still the main target
Its strange all em flip scripts, put the blame on us
Like „Change“ brought us different shit to the same toilet
I Never seen this kind of hate for a president
He wasnt born here we want evidence
We fed up with his rhetoric you know hes a Muslim better yet terrorist i know hun hes so un american
and plus hes a racist who hates us, its evident
And its true, cuz i believe everything i read on the internet
Its hard to be benelovent when you hear
That for a negro
he speaks-so
God damn eloquent
See I dont represent them guys on the tube
Blurrin lines tween lies and the truth
But now im never surprised when I view Fox
Spew such trash
Who knew
Klu Klux Klan’s Disguise was the news
I wish
I could sic vick’s dogs
On them Limbaughs
Spit techs @ the necks of these Glenn Becks
Cause tragedy to every sean hannity
And leave the fuckin throats smiley on these O’riellys
They talk tough too all um
But they chumps
They aint Upped the bar once
cuz Winners Are to special olympics
as experts are to fox news
if you Show up you are one
I think I found why bigotry exists
Cuz in the land of the lost ignorance is bliss
And i aint got the time or the gall
Im tryna rise and evolve
United we stand, divided we fall

Its so damn easy to break bad when the rules is trumped up
your textbooks old and your school is fucked up
Its rats in the kitchen and the stools just wont flush
And you expect us to be cool with it nuh uh
The faculty and staff aint gettin paid shit
And they show it on a regular basis
Its harder just to reach us..
You know its bad
when niggas that you in class with
smarter than the teachers
Metal detectors, wands, crews like wardens
all of the windows barred, the foods like pouridge..
Preference served
That was never deserved…
How you expect them to learn when they Schools like Lorton
The pictures depictin a whole nother drawing
Couple of countys over its whole nother story
The burbs on another page..
The Shit i just heard of in the 10th
they was learnin in the 7th grade….
And i aint seen a plan arise yet
To fix shit
i aint seen a grant or signed check
But they manage lies best
And wonder just how
7 out of 12 could fail these standerdized tests
Point em out, pull them cowards to the front
No matter the situation they gon Down us from the jump
And tell me how the Fuck
Can these whites stop US from sayin „nigga“
How much power do you WANT?
Fuck you and your opinion we a strength
as minorities, reverse racism is a myth
They be tellin me to rest
Ill be yellin to the death
You wouldnt understand it if you aint never been opressed
Im doin this for the Martins, The President, The X, the Mike Jacksons forever helpin us progress
And they affect the lives of us all
So we’re obliged to em all
United we Stand
Divided we fall

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