DJ Loot – Biography

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dj-loot (left beside Speedball Jordan)

dj-loot (left beside Speedball Jordan)

DJ Loot is one of the West Coast's hottest producers. In 1996, he began producing, engineering, and composing in the Rap, R&B, Rock, Pop, and Techno genres. Since 2003, his focus has been on producing some of the most talented rappers and singers in California, as well as engineering and producing beats for select clientele around the world. As of mid 2011, his resume includes over 3800 songs mixed/mastered, 950 beats produced, and a client-list that includes California rap legend San Quinn, several Thizz Entertainment/Thizz Latin artists, plus rising stars Lyrical Vision, Seanessy, Alcatraz, and many more. DJ Loot brings passion and professionalism to his work.

What dr. Pimp`s got 2 add:

Iam sure that DJ Loot is the most innovative Westcoast Rap Producer. Great Man! The bio is taken from Dj Loots Homapage :