Dr. Pimp Slap #4 – The greatest german Chancellor in postwar history

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Great german chancellor Willy Brandt

Great german chancellor Willy Brandt

Willy, thanx!

This is my drawn admiration for the best german chancellor the germans ever had. Willy was a great politician driven by a direct heartful and couraged way of acting wisely and diplomatic the same way round. He never betrayed anybody nor himself. He was straight and deeply candid politician.
I adore and admire him.

He starts spreading the spark of peace and reconciliation. I`m proud of this man, as we was able and willing to kneel down for his conviction. Worldwar 2 was over, but the shades of the cruel remaind. I try to catch that in the picture, with the people around Willy forming the scenery. One man kneeling down in front of a big bunch of cameraman, reporters and watcher. He spended a lot of peace to the german souls in praying for foregiveness for something he has fighted against and suffered from. And coevally he gives a sign to a generation that did not follow his steps so far ignorating and deniing their fault for all that happened.
I hope that most of them would have become good christians. I´m saying this truly it is no fun. Most of the things, that are related to german nationalizm can`t be forgiven nor forgotton. Many people suffered, of all kinds of man: gypsy, jewish, blacks and whites. Keep that in mind, when you take a closer look at the picture.

The brightest glance in the picture comes from willy himself and the the funeral wreath. Yeah it is just that simple! And take a deep look into his face and you know the rest of the story and how he felt in this completely sad situation.
I hope I picked up the right words for saying that:
– peace is all, war is nothing. –
Dr. Salvatorius Pimp

P.S.: And let me add this: I´m sure Christian Ströbele shares the same respect for Willy Brandt like I do. I think we are similar in mind and reason. So I hope you will enjoy this too Christian.



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