Dr Pimps Rap Comic #1, 2pac`s back

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#1 Dr.Pimp`s Rap comic - 1pac`s back

#1 Dr.Pimp`s Rap comic - 1pac`s back

Dr. Pimp: „This is the first secret comic edition here in Dr. Pimpslab. The issue is „2Pac`s back. I think we will need some more time to fix a good dialogue for that. Here comes the cruel pure text version:
Picture 1: Rappin 4 Tay: „Yeah Eve, come down let me relax. One more blow and we`ll go.“

Picture 2: Eve: „What are you waitin for? the air in this room can`t get more sticky“
Rappin 4tay: „That`s not exactly what I´m thinking about. Blow the whistle. One more puff and I`ll get up“
Picture 3: Eve: „Come on don`t make me wait…“
Picture 4: Eve: „…be prepared for the good things to come.“
Picture 5: Some time later
Rappin 4tay: „Yeah let`s go. We have to pick up 2Pac from the county jail.“
Picture 6: Rappin 4tay thinking: „The bentley definitely is the best choice“
Eve: „Jump in before I get us another car“

This is another Bay Area Hit. I truly adore that rap location and Rappin 4Tay 2. If you have any ides how this comic can go on…please leave a comment. If it is a good idea we might follow your suggestions. Me myself was influenced while drawing this by a true hit of Rappin 4tay that can be heard and seen below. great song, great video and very cool album booklet 2. Enjoy my followers and fiends.

The whole comic content is fiction and has no correlation or similarity to actually living humans, nor rapstars or something else. And moreover it completely reflcts the opinion of brain dead Dr. Pimp. Therefore it cannot be taken seriously.

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