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One night in the redwoods

You might ask yourself, where all the witches got their working stuff from, e. fly agarics, toads, wild creatures and all that sexy stuff. It might look disturbing for you, what I found out, but it will help, taht I banned whole the scene into a sketch. I crept after her and found myself in the bole of a thausend of Years old redwood giant tree. The whole inside was wholed. That`s the picture taken of my beautiful Eve while Shopping in the witches Shopping Mail.



I was so deranged in front of the whole scnery, that I left the redwood again some minutes, after that was taken. I heard Deadly Eve speaking „I got enough money. Don`t buy that cheap shit, my darling“, “ I have never seen something so lovely than this wig. It looks good to me.“, eveeleven returned.
Honestly I have to say that it was not Deadly Eve`s money but mine. So I hope the two girls did not spent all the money. I know I can caount on eve eleven on that matters. If I think about it intensively I must confess, that she never bought cheap shit ever before. (Oh my god the whole money`s gone away. To be continued.

Til then
Yours sincerely
Dr. Salvatorius Pimp

P.S.: If you might wonder about wrong spelling my fella. Think! I decorated one of the walls of my livingroom today.
And don`t forget I come back with wrong spelling every weekend.

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