E-40, Too Short, Da Luniz, Dru Down, The Federation… – Mic Pass – video

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That shit is real hard Bay Area

E-40, Too Short, Da Luniz, Dru Down, The Federation „Ehhhhh“ mista FAB the pepsi king, JT the bigga figga and San Quinn all in one music video – unbelieveable. I was a fan of it within the first 20secs. That thing raps my mind. A greatful thanx 2 the artists and pepsie and yahoo for inspiring that great project 2 all of the usa rap area. A wonderful trip. I think Bay and dirty south rulez. Westside. i like very much and iam a great fan of all us american rap artists, whether coast or north-south direction. Your great and you make the „businezz rockz“. The video itself actually seems like a time machine movement through the decades. Hyphy sounds like 2030 – unbelieveable great. R.I.P. Mac Dre.

The imaginary Interview with Mac Dre - PimpSichMagazine #7