Date: Wednesday 22nd January 2020

The Editors

[caption id="attachment_1738" align="alignleft" width="626" caption="drpimp-s-Lab-x-mas-greetings"]drpimp-s-Lab-x-mas-greetings[/caption] Who can be in charge here? No real persons of course. Otherwise you could not enter Dr. Pimps da Pimplab Land. So we like to introduce you to a tour behind he curtains. DrPimpslab is (consists of): Eve1oh Dr. Salvatorius Pimp (Medical, Physikal Super Hero Dr. [of course]) Muckel der Blumentopfvampir The stinky Nic Nac Stinky the fingerling Kacker Lack Dr. Enrico Kokolores (Dr. of innocence and immaturity) Additional writers: General Yin Yang Deadly Eve Schneewitchen Mine-ohh-Tower Ratmann [caption id="attachment_969" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="dr-pimp-s-four-man-author-team"]dr-pimp-s-four-man-author-team[/caption] Possibly specified Dr. Titel are purely fictitious just like the Web address and art. No more and not less. Thus all doctors specified here are freely invented pure fiction/idea just like whole stories therefore around everything. As far as it concerns to their rights the persons illustrated here and. Have we tries an absolutely positive representation to well-being of the illustration tried. DrPimpslab is simply an artistic medium experiment. If you have to complain of something, we would like you to ask our comment function use, so that your displeasure meets open ears. If you do not wish this, select please our Mailadresse. With DrPimpslabs everyone is cordially welcome who constructionally to communicate would like itself! German Translation Stuff: Evtl. aufgeführte Dr. Titel sind ebenso wie die Webadresse rein fiktiv und Kunst. Nicht mehr und nicht weniger. Also alle hier aufgeführten Doktoren sind reine Fiktion/Idee ebenso wie die ganzen Geschichten drum herum alles frei erfunden. Soweit es um die hier abgebildeten Personen und deren Rechte geht. Haben wir versucht eine absolut positive Darstellung zum Wohl des Abgebildeten versucht. DrPimpslab ist schlicht ein künstlerisches Medienexperiment. Wenn Sie etwas zu beanstanden haben, möchten wir Sie bitten unsere Kommentarfunktion zu nutzen, damit Ihr Unmut auf offene Ohren trifft. Falls Sie dies nicht wünschen, wählen Sie bitte unsere Mailadresse. Bei DrPimpslabs ist jeder herzlich willkommen wer sich konstruktiv mitteilen möchte! DrPimpsLab Toh Nix Stefan Weinrich Postfach 4711 Wuppertal Mailadresse siehe Startseite
Dr. Lucifer Diable - The master of degrees of whateverkind. The master himself. Pimp Master. Brainful, sharp and heartless. The hardest author on da lab. Always good for surprise and smashing thoughts. Believe.
She was breeded by Dr. Pimp himself. She is one of the most talented female Vampires of Transylvania. Her appareance changes as far as a wind blow. She studied Vampire history and journalism at the Transylvanian University of Pimpology and other Sciences with a diploma or what-so-ever. Today she is working as an successful and effective writer for Needless to say, that she is interested in Science and Apocalypse.
The disstressed motha of all furocity, desire and deseaster. The only mindful existence known in the lab. She`s wild and freaky born. Watch her and watch your existence grow. very mindful and sexy. But watch out - she is dangerous. In every kind.
Stinky Nic Nac aka StinkyNicNac the cockrane - the roach. He is a tremendous big roach with lots of nicnac and absolutely no mothafuckin clues. Harmless idiot you might think at first, actually he is not. But watch out he is coming. Have fun with SinkyNicNac.
Da whizzkid is a very talented Rap Robot spitting "16er" in no time. He has a lot of taste. Watch his new projects here on Dr.Pimps Laboratory. Upcoming next? Stay tuned for that, its worth it!
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