EMOE TVEE: E.Klips Da Hustla „Turn Off The Radio“- video (720pHD)

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E.Klips Da Hustla E.Klips da Hustla izzzz KILLAH, Unbeatable my Brotha

I believe in the power of GrownAzzGanstaz. This Shhhhhhit iz fantastique. and EMOE from EMOE TVEE again did a marvellous job. dats from the most talented. Dont turnt dat off. GREATATATATATATAT. Westcoast shit. Westcoast iz definitely my home. Dats underground Shit Baby! Fuck all the radio stations not playing E.Klips.



EMOE TVEE: E.Klips Da Hustla "Turn Off The Radio"- video (720pHD) , 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating