„Fuccin Wit A Boss“ (E.Klips Da Hustla, Speedball) ft. Dre D., San Quinn, & more!!!

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Thats flow – Fucc you

First-Music parts starts at 2:13. great. The voices are quiet unbelieveable, I like the sounds i like the flows and i like the videos. thats underground just as DrPimpsLab. That are completely straight 2 the bone talented voice artists creating new forms of flow – pimpalistic. Speedball – dont stop making vids nor rapping never. You are publishing milestones of rap. i will never forgetdat – neva. I like that – I appreciate and adore it the same way round – that is great – ready to sell da perfet flow. Great stuff! Pimp sauce! our fam. Dre D `s voice is absolutely remarkable and we all in the Lab are fans of San Quinn 2. Speedball please come back with more of that great stuff.

In this video: The real San Quinn

Yeah we have a legend up in here its the most remarkeable SAN QUINN known from wikipedia. That man was on stage at the age of 12. absolutely remarkable. Speedball Thanx a lot for dat!!!!


Fuccin Wit A Boss-(E.Klips Da Hustla, Speedball)-ft-Dre D-San Quinn-more

And the second one from the Weastcoast iz also strictly recommended

Behind Da Scenes: „Catch Me In The Hood“ ft. G.will, Tesewood, & C-Dee

Watch the whole line

Behind Da Scenes - Catch Me In The Hood - ft. G.will,Tesewood,C-Dee