Hich-Kas – Bunch of Soldiers – video

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I never heard something like that. Iam impressed by the sharp lyrics with a real furocious baseline

Hich-Kas – Bunch of Soldiers – video. When you hear the baseline and see the rappers in action you thing of a real gangsta video. Something like you have seen before. That moment lasts as long as no text lyrics is presented. From the moment on when you read the lines you get totally impressed by the message of it all and the remarkable fantastique video. The first sequence just reminds me of a film with an escape scene from hell. It is similar too that with the with lines on the highway. Marvellous Artists. Watch this streetz wisdom from Iran. Thanx to our friends Swaat and Flumbeatz for giving us that new drive with just a music tip. Peace out.



Hich-Kas - Bunch of Soldiers - video, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating