How the Pimp Schneewitchen Comic was drawn

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And now I will show you how to draw a perfect coic in no time. All you need is:

The stuff you need to become an excellent drawing artist:

  1. transparent drawing paper
  2. ink marker like those from copic, faber castell or edding (I truly prefer faber castell because of the dark ink, that can draw real hard shapes)
  3. cotton gloves ( I never work without them. You might look like Michey Mouse, but don`t care other people laughing about you)
  4. scisor blade (with a handy end on one side to protect you from harm and not the transparent paper)

At this point I have to add that I prefer the Faber Castells Fineliners because of their black darkness (yeah that meet my ambitions the closest). Especially the Brush Type (called „B“) is perfect for large areas of Black. But now I will go on with:

How this was drawn

Unfortunately I got no fotoshoot or scan of the development of this pictures. But the whole story started with to old pictures that I wanted to bring together. It was the „witches shopping mall“ as shown beneath:
inside of Dr. Pimps Lab

and a portrait that I had drawn some years before:

Another friend of Dr. Pimp

If you compare this with the comic you can clearly see all the relations. I used this picture to start the whole story. I hope you enjoy now more than before. have fun with it. And comment if you have any questions on how to draw with fine Liners :-)

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