How to turn a misfit into a win! Draw real persons in no time

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Wanna learn how to draw this? Then watch from the beginning you curiuos…

Eve1oh-The bondage-Dr. Pimps - Pimp Sick Magazine

Eve1oh-The bondage-Dr. Pimps - Pimp Sick Magazine


The two Eve s inn direct comparision - faces close ups

The stuff you need to become an excellent drawing artist:

  1. transparent drawing paper
  2. ink marker like those from copic, faber castell or edding (I truly prefer faber castell because of the dark ink, that can draw real hard shapes)
  3. cotton gloves ( I never work without them. You might look like Michey Mouse, but don`t care other people laughing about you)
  4. scisor blade (with a handy end on one side to protect you from harm and not the transparent paper)

Now we can start right off drawing

Grap your paper, thing of composition and go! Draw the character that swoop your mind and put them on the paper. Thing about how they should act together, I wanted Eve to play a keyrole and a person I introduced that time: „The cruel Mister Bones“. s I thought could be the most curiuos thing about the two actors ist, that the nice beautiful women plays the key role. So sexy nobody can harm her. So she had to look harmless and cute, but with a black soul filled up with lost souls. Yeah I lik that. So i got the composition that day on the 6th of June in 2006. Funny somehow.I wanted to cut the whole scene perfectly to the edge so …. Mr. Bones had to lose that game. I put a blade in Eve`s hand and watched out what she would be going for…as seen in the background (the bounded and cut off heart of Mr. Bones!) hanging in a picture frame on the wall.

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Not every cartonist is socialized neither every artist. So both of them often have one friend in mind – themselves. If you work as an artist, you learn to talk to and with yourself. And here comes psychology into play!

In this example tutorial lesson I will show you how to draw a complete scenery of two human actors. In fact it is a step by step and in no time action. In fact you will see, how to turn a misadventure into a true win. I started with this picture. As you can see the most important actor the woman does not look the way as I intented and I had the wrong idea of my mistress hero eve1oh. It took me quite a long time to develop her body and face. It was the time when I started to invent rap pop art better known from the German art Magazine lapsus as Black Pop Art. As you might also recognize at this point is the fact, that you need a label for your artwork. I never had problems with that, bacause I started the pimplab already in 2003. That was the time I put Dr Pimp on You can watch this on the web archieve. Unfortunately many people found the character and the name „Dr, pimp“ very funny. I must confess, that I was inspired by „Mega Pimp Clinic“ a song portion of the rap combo „Above the Law“. So I thought of the chief for that clinic and Dr. pimp came straight to my mind. As I know, that the Americans do not care much about German or European educational degrees I decided to get Mr. Pimp a transylvanian doctor degree status, called here in Germany „Dr.“ That was it.


What I mean is, before you start publishing your work you must have some name for what aou are doing. If not you can`t talk about it. otherwise you can`t get famous for practising artwork. Got it? Fine. Now we can go on with the painting course because know 100% of true Pimp Artwork.

The picture I start talking about had a great lack: The female actor does not look sexy, so I decided to give her a new face. In artwork that is real cruel, because you have to start all over again with a thinner paper. I only work on transparent paper, so I have to scatch the outter surface with a scisor. And here comes my warnings you should not do that if your are not familiar to that technique or if you are younger than 18 years old. :)
And be aware of the scisor blade: You have to put it mostly horizontically right over the surface and you should use paper of more than 100gr pro m2. Unfortunately I had drawn this on 80 gr paper, so I have to watch out very well not to destroy the whole sketch and ending up in paper stripes.
DPL-Heart like Candy Dr. pimps Lab

And here the right music to repair graphical misfits

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