Interview: D. Bledsoe (Richmond, CA)!!! – Exclusive

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D-Bledsoe - Rap Artist - Interview

D-Bledsoe - Rap Artist - In Interview with Dr. PIMP and da legendary Whizzkid!

[Da Whizzkid:] Yoyo, D. Bledsoe in da house!

We are proud to do that interview with the rookie.  He is def one of the underground artists that bring an interesting flavor to the game:

So, how are you, whats up?

[D. Bledsoe:] Im Gucci (good)! Im out here working relentlessly to make dope music, bring that dope to as many stages as possible, and spread my new age hippy love!

[Da Whizzkid:] Tell us in short, where u from and whats up there.

[D. Bledsoe:] Im from Richmond, California – located in the San Francisco Bay Area – . . .Out here in Richmond there’s a huge population of independent thinkers and trend setters. Its a small city with a large reputation, and Im just trying to do my part to add a positive connotation to that reputation.

[Da Whizzkid:] You got a new mixtape out which is called c.a.k.e (Ca$h.and.kick$.everyday).
so tell us who produced that dope thing and hows the resonance?

Salute YOU! D-Bledsoe Rap interview with Dr. Pimp and especially DA WHIZZKID

D-Bledsoe Rap interview with Dr. Pimp and especially DA WHIZZKID

[D. Bledsoe:] C.A.K.E. is entirely produced by White Mikey – its 10 tracks of pure hip-hop. I recorded the project in Summer of ’10 but I wanted to wait for the climate of the music scene to be ready for it. Just as I predicted, the game is shifting back towards simplicity and rappers REALLY rapping thus making this the opportune time to drop C.A.K.E on the world. In large part I still feel as if my works are under exposed but we’re working hard to make sure D. Bledsoe CAN’T be ignored.

[Da Whizzkid:] And here it is! Check out this Mixtape:

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[Da Whizzkid:] As an upcoming artist, how u make cash at the moment and what are your favorite kicks man?

[D. Bledsoe:] I make cash the best ways I know how. God is extremely merciful and never ceases to bless me. Despite the vulgarities and profane language I often opt to use, I believe that I am doing Gods work and therefore my NEEDS are ALWAYS supplied. I know it sounds like I may be dodging the question a bit, but I seriously couldnt articulate ALL the means by which I get my money- I can however relay to you that I get it! As far as kicks go – my favorite shoes to wear is Chucks. In my younger days I bought every and ANY Jordan that came out but now days I just pick up the ones that are the dopest. But the meaning of KICKS goes beyond shoes . . .its basically ANYTHING that you can define as FUN or enjoyable. Kicks for me is God, shoes, music, money, and chicks (not in that order) faf.

[Da Whizzkid:] Another Masterpiece of DB:

[Da Whizzkid:]  Whats your favourite MC to collab with?

[D. Bledsoe:] Right now, its my brother – Erk Tha Jerk . . .Ive had a tremendous amount of respect for his music for years now as a fan, and now being able to work as an artist under his label – RED PLANET MUSIC GROUP – Its a honor and a privledge to be able to pair his proven talents with my musical attributes. Beyond my team – I’d like to work with artists invested in their craft that do what they do with purpose.

[Da Whizzkid:] To check out Erk Tha Jerk (with DB & DS)listen here:

[Da Whizzkid:] Tell us what your company / teams (red planet / a rich man ent.) are about and who is involved.

[D. Bledsoe:] Red Planet Music Group (RPMG) is the label that pays me faf. As we like to say, „its a different world“, „Mars foo‘!“ We are a team of like minded individuals that are concentrated on making quality PRODUCT. Music, visuals, experiences- we are concerned with making sure everything is DOPE! Again, RPMG is headed by Erk Tha Jerk in conjunction with the good people at . . .A Rich Man Ent. (ARME) is my personal ARME! Thats a deeper, darker connection that few know about, but the ones that do have a tremendous amount of respect for it. I wrote a book and released a few mixtapes under the ARME imprint.

[Da Whizzkid:] What are your next steps and where we can check out some stuff of yours?

[D. Bledsoe:] My next steps are just continuing to push the line for RPMG and everything we have going over there. I have a new project „The Air Up There“ dropping Fall ’11…more videos . . .more features . . .lots more of D.Bledsoe to come. I have a TV show that started filming a couple months ago that we are currently shopping. My book „C.S.R. Files“ is on the horizon. And Im steadfast on making DOPE music to open up more and more doors for me and my team. Google D.Bledsoe and you can find me – Im on itunes, datpiff,,,, . . .Im in more than a few places!

[Da Whizzkid:] He is also with the upcoming german Artist „Seng“. Check their collab out here:

[Da Whizzkid:] Thanks for having you here and the last words are yours!

[D. Bledsoe:] The support is appreciated & it is required. Without the people my message is for not. Im trying to spread the word of perseverance & let everyone know that no one is perfect but the goal is to get as close as possible. Everyone on Gods green Earth has a purpose, its just up to the individual to find & embrace their purpose. Allow me to inspire you through all the trials Ive made it through. #amen

[Dr. Pimp]: You heard a wise man spoken. Your my man, I could not bring that better to the point. Yeah, praise the Lord. We are vivid underground – ready to rock STRAIGHT.

[Da Whizzkid:] Yea, we wish him the best.

[Dr. Pimp]: Yes and let me add something. God is reason, so dont miss to check out our new upcoming reasonable interview stuff here on Dr. PimpsLab:

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