Interview: Mr. Limp (Hood Environment)!

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Yo Mr. Limp, thanks for havin you for this Interview.

You are a part of Drag On´s New Movement „Hood Environment“.
How and when you became connectet with Drag On?

I met drag about a year ago threw a family member. He layed a verse on my mixtape & da rest is history.

History in the making:

You had some Features and i heard your dope solo tune „In the Ghetto“.
Is there a solo release in the making?

Of course I got some solo things in da works but right now im focus on hood environment as a whole.

U are from the Bronx. With which MC´s from there you are connected at the moment and
what are your plans for 2011?

I’m connected 2 Hood Environment. My plans 4 2011 is just 2 put out powerful music.

A perfect example of a brandnew powerful Tune:
Drag-On feat. K.N.S & Mr. Limp – Jason

What kind of music you listen to besides Hip Hop?

I listen 2 all kinds of music. Rock & everything.

Your actual favourite Rapper´s?

I like everybody.

How would you describe your style?

My style is what it is. It´s me it’s original.

Word up!

Aight man, thanks for this quick interview. Good luck with everything you doin. The last words are Yours!

S/O 2 da whole Germany! I appreciate the way H E Hood Environment 100.

Check out this Hood Environment Mixtape:

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