SPODA – Interview

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Rap-Interview: SPODA AKA MR. DOPEFLOW (NY)!!! – Exclusive

The forgetfully Dr. Pimp: My man Spoda makes you feel the difference between soda and cola. That man is fire! So please welcome a young rap supaman. Mr Spoda. We are very glad to have you here tonight. Download da Killah Mixtape tonight. „I cant take it (anymore) is the essence of RAP Spoda Free Music Download“


Da Whizz Kid: Yo Spo, whats good man? Dope that u are ready for this quick interview. Tell us where you’re from and when you started rapping.

Spoda: I’m from Bayshore New York (Long Island). I started rapping in my 8th grade year was ’97-’98.

Da Whizz Kid: How would you describe your style?

Spoda: That’s funny you ask me that question because truthfully that’s the most difficult question for me to answer! I listen to many different artists on the regular especially before I write my own material. My main purpose for that is so I won’t/can’t be compared to other artists. I have been told numerous times that I have the flow and hunger of a young Jadakiss, which is definately a very good comparison! My very close friend/sister BabyStrizzy (SHOUT OUT STRIZZ!!!) sums up my style as „Slick Talking“, she calls me the slick talker. Meaning the way I put my words together and deliver my flow on beats. With that being said that’s how I would describe my flow…“Slick“. I’m trying to pave my own lane until the point people be like „yo so and so sounds/reminds me of Spoda“. I’m going to make sure I keep supplying the people with top notch music and keep them on their toes!

Da Whizz Kid: And instead of letting you wait, here a perfect example of tha Slick Flow (featuring my long time homie Seng of Germoney. For real! lol):


Da Whizz Kid: Well wicked what you bring to us, any new fire on the way right now?

Spoda: No doubt you already know I supply you guys with music to put on your mixtapes! I definately appreciate you guys supporting me and my music, it’s a beautiful thing. I’m actually working on my new mixtape titled „Second 2 None“. I don’t have an exact date, BUT it will be dropping in the 4th quarter. So im going to say in the next 1 1/2 – 2 months tops the streets been waiting so I gotta deliver! In the meantime ima continue to drop singles, collabs and freestyles as warm-ups.,I’m also working on a few collab mixtapes….wait for it! Lol

Da Whizz Kid: How’s the vibe and the rap scene on Long Island?

Dr. Pimp: And how is the legendary „LIIT – long Island Ice-T!?

Spoda: The vibe on Long Island is cool, alot of people fail to realize that it’s just like anywhere else. People tend to say it’s like the country out here LOL. You have your good parts and bad parts out here but it’s cool for the most part. As far as the rap scene it goes both ways. The positive is that there is alot of talent out here, actually more than people think. I’ve heard alot of artists both male and female’s that can rap. It’s cool to see people from the Island pursuing music. The negative side to it is that there’s too much music making and not enuff networking and marketing. It’s 50/50 you can make all the music in the world, but you have to network in order to get it to the people. I mean this goes for any artist but i’m speaking for the Long Island music scene. Bad enuff the industry doesn’t pay too much attention if any to Long Island so we have to PUSH the music just as heavy to be heard and recognized. Like I said before there’s alot of talent out here, but alot of Long Island artists don’t network their music like they should.

Da Whizz Kid: Yea, here a dope video shot in Long Island. Standing ovations before the interview ends! Incredible!

Da Whizz Kid: I think you deserve to be in a major spotlight some day. So what are your next steps you do to reach that goal?

Spoda: I grind heavy, stay consistant and ALWAYS stay humble no matter what. My main goal though is my networking skills which is on point but can only get stronger. The more I network the more other artists, fans/supporters, DJ’s and radio stations I can connect with outside of what I have connected with already. Now a days it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

Da Whizz Kid: One goal, or better touchdown definiteley was to team up with da orignal „PimpsLab“ and rock a Mixtape with us together. Check Spoda as the Starring in „Dope as Fuck“ powered by Coast2CoastMixtapes.com!

Dr. Pimp: Dis is definitely da Killah Mixtape – Completely free and ready for download. „I cant take it anymore“ is it. That songs spits off faster than a 45! Killah!!!!

The very concerned Dr. Pimp: after listening to „I cant take it“ I can only tell ya one thing Homie: The Pimp`s with ya. That song rocks my mind over and over again. Undescripable uncompareable RAP. The Mixtape by the way is genial on the whole – A timetrip through RAP.

Da Whizz Kid: What kind of stuff are you listening to most at the moment?

Spoda: I listen to all genres that’s what real artists do! But at the moment im bumpin‘ HOV, Kiss, Fab, Jim Jones, Linkin Park, French Montana Anita Baker and of course my music LOL! I’m with anything that’s hot at the moment or ’99/2000 hip-hop.

Da Whizz Kid: We know you will be featured on a track of the German MC’s Seng and Bert’s mixtape „Tag Team“ which will be released very soon. Are there anymore international collabs you are working on?

Spoda: That collab was definately a good look and crazy experience, shout out all the over sea’s MC’s on that track too! As far as collab’s with other artists, not yet but in due time you will hear collab’s with me and other international artist’s! I’m actually in the works of collabing with international producers, so be on the lookout for that!

Da Whizz Kid: If you don’t understand the language spoken in a tune, what makes you like or dislike it?

Spoda: Well if the flows on point that catches my attention from jump!

Spoda: I want to thank you and the site for this interview, it’s definately appriciated to be recognized from an international hip-hop site….SALUTE!!! I want to also shoutout any and everyone who supports my music and holds me down. Whether it be fans/supporters, other arists as well as all the DJ’s and radio stations that spin my music. Last but least I want to give a huge shoutout to my town Bayshore a.k.a ShoreTown and the whole Long Island a.k.a Strong Island…LOVE IS LOVE, 1!!!!

Da Whizz Kid: Yea man, ONE LOVE!

Check out the incredible slick flower Spoda / Spoat / Mr. Dopeflow here:

Www.twitter.com/mrdopeflow www.youtube.com/mrdopeflow www.reverbnation.com/spodamusic www.spodamusic101.blogspot.com