Pimps Playa Cards – King of ♣-Clubs

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The King of Clubs

The King of Clubs

Dr. Pimp:

„This is one of my beloved Playa Cards, because it shows, that life is not only Black and White anytime, but always colored in gray. Therefore I used the Clubs cause the represent the darkest spirits of black. I know he is wearing a nice sand-watch armclock…he holds it for all the lost souls that he captures in his lifeless body. This is also a new member of the Pimp`s lab better known as Mr. Skull the right hand of Mr. Bones. So watch out for our next comic adventures“

What I try to derserve with this is purely black magic. Look at the two very differing young ladies. iThink they look awesome. Watch the other details of the sujèt and tell us, what you see and RT – that DrPimpsLab will live on and on and on and on….;-)

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