Mad CJ Mac Ft Poppa LQ – Come & Take A Ride – video

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Here is another mighty fine day,
so I pulled out the tray.

get their hair clean
This is the poppa LQ
Like the hood is supposed to
If you fall from rich
tryin to make a G´s honey
Come and take a ride with the MAC
but it`s kind of unlikely unstripped
we come on up on the crip
[ Chorus ]
Sliding doen the shore
Come and take a ride
So you can c
down the shore some extralarge
from back side to side
[ Poppa LQ ]
You can go to every ghetto and find some
and watch the MAC
we got a self estime
and flippin is script
come and feel the wind blow the indoor
Sliding down he shore Tryin somne extralarge

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★ Critics ★

Yeah, I must admit I would take a ride with mad CJ Mack. This is a real amazing track and video real floating. A young man just stood up jumps out of the door, gettin his blue Impala startin and wrooom g-funk. This again is a track that must not be forgotten in a real cool rap collection. It is somehow an invertion of the real black superman video of above the law. A blue impala instead of the red one and the difference colors of the clothing. And even the music can be perfectly combined. i love bloods & crips, the do really got music. As I´m myself a bohemian I look their ever changing stylez that stay true and real in the heart of their minds. And I mostly admire the lazy not yet unorganized style of living. Ähh I hope you get me right I like that. It is a masterpiece of black rap artwork. Don`t miss it, when you are around a record CD DVD shop the next time.

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