Mystikal – Here I go – Video

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what you what you gon do
what you gon uh

what you what you gon do nigga?

what you what you want what you gon do nigga

Here I go !!! [5 x]

I, know y’all niggaz ain’t fuckin wit me cuz I cant fuck wit my damn self


I, know y’all niggaz ain’t fuckin wit me cuz I can’t fuck wit my damn self


(da man right chea)
Da Man
Da Man Right Chea

mister man right chea!

Here I go !!! [2 x]

y’all muthafukkaz betta get ready to rumble!!
get in da line like a conga
plastic like plumbin
spicy like gumbo
hey to dem boyz
get at dem bitches and cut dey ass
as sharp as a machetti
dope I dont, herbs I do,
you bitches probably couldnt see me wit a birds eye view
it’s alive, finna make yo head spin
stop walkin da one way to a fukkin dead end
bitch ya yellow, coward-hearted
gotta erase dem boys
get da gas and he can go
get this fukkin fire started
Yo heart jump like a base line bump
you bad enough to meet the alligator in the swamp

Here I go !!! [13 x]

Da Man Right Chea!!

I, know y’all niggaz aint fukkin wit me cuz i cant fukk wit my damn self

Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh,

What you muthafuckas know bout rappin?
(what you muthafuckas know bout rappin?)
Who Put you on the map?
(who put you on the fuckin map?)

I, know y’all niggaz aint fukkin wit me cuz I cant fukk wit my damn self
(my damn self)

Here I go !!!

(somebody said that you wuz lookin for me!)
Here I go !!! [2 x]

Uh, Uh,

(somebody said that you was lookin for me)
all right
(what you be doin, what you be doin?)

Rhyme slayin,
straight, suckaz Im slayin
hoes Im layin
niggaz can’t barely stand
I got em layin and prayin
the man (….?….)
ask them hoez, I aint playin wit em
Wanna get beef,
I haveta turn my cheek
cock back like like mad max
and knock out one of dem fuckin teeth
Im a mean, gene machine
the exocutioner, be appeased wit gillotine
my lifestyle is rural
I’ll hit on ya poodle
after disaster, have ya sippin on chicken noodle
get ya ass in gear and,
gettin fucked while ya winnin
Im the shark in the dark, Bitch at night dont go swimmin
cuz if you do you doomed
(…?…) I’ll be da king of da looney toons
sweatin and gaspin,
Im a massive assasin
All this smashin and smashin
kickin ass wit a passion
mystikal’s on a role
jus that cold
(ice cold)
Anotha nigga couldnt touch me wit a flagpole
wanna fight Iron Mike
but ya too damn light
like a knife,
I’ll rip ya from ya ass to ya appetite
Fuck a (?) I’m the foreign minister
don’t brag fast
wanna battle? BRING A BODY BAG!!
I’m gonna need it, to carry yo stupid ass
I observe, Time to serve
rhymes I heard
like words of King George III
I proceed, to mislead
the sweet hoes i cheated
Devour like its sour like Johnny Appleseed
I intrude,
Hoes call me rude
Bitch I’m smooth,
whatch ya fuckin attitude
blast from the past
curse like I’m mad
I’m like a black cat
on the trail of a fat rat!
You finna overdose and choke off these rhymes I wrote

(somebody said that you wuz lookin for me!!)

Here I go !!! [16 x]


Im comin straight for yo throat,
like a coyote on a goat
nobody know,
you sweatin me like a hoe
be no,
you hoe
cannot find a antidote
cuz when i start to float
murder he wrote
Huff puff and bluff
come touch this rough stuff
and get cuffed
snuffed buffed and scuffed
you can’t hit this
get with this no witness
I’m bad to da bone, I’ll fuck you up with the quickness
I paid my dues
I’m bad news to fools
I choose you lose
fuck you fools
I wreck Boo-Coo crews
wit the words i use
I’m bout to be feelin like ZZ hill cuz im screamin and screamin and singin the blues
you be (…?…)
I never bled in battle, I refuse to lose
You can bring ya whole posse, bitch I still wont lose
I’ll stomp ya whole staff,
you must want a bloodbath,
fuckin riff-raff
break you in half
and laugh
then snap and served you
I (..?..) and heard you
think about dem words you heard
you fuckin nerd
you tried to probably rob me
dodge me
fuckin fightin makin money on my hobby
freezin degrees
run em up, shut em up, buttered em up
what up?
wanna fight? bitch, put em up
how dat sound?
come get knocked down
bolos I throw bitch you won’t last no round
I bet let’s see
what we can fuck wit next
Step dat ass in the ring
and I’mma jab it and jet
Cuz I am the baddest black prince of the south
If you run up, you’ll get knocked the fuck out!!!
pound for pound, blow for blow
we can go
into the ring
Ass whoopin

Here I go !!! [3 x]

Da man right chea!

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