Nascar Gee drawing Graphk – „Ride or die“ [HD] – Grady – video

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In the beginning of artwork

This time its no real critics 2 do. I wanna tell ya the story behind the vid. This vid was done with a gopro cam. anybody can see that clearly. My whole lifetime I wished somebody else than me could experience how one of my artworks is done. Nd today its just so easy cauze you got a gopro. I just fix the cam on my head and start painting immediately …you just have 2 press 2 times to start the fun. One for turning it on and one for starting recording. Thats it you are done and free 2 draw whatever you like. I never was a freind of sketches…I draw freely when I was younger and having big problems with using transparent paper…I thought that working like this has nothing to do with real artwork at all. „Its no artwork, doing like this!“ I thought. So I spent most of the time for free drawing perfection. A lot of wastet years….At the beginning I had the problem 2 bring my ideas straight 2 the paper. More often it was like ….“yeah I did a great free copy of this and put my feelings into it“ or „I have a spectacular cover painting in my mind…but damn I cant put it on paper“

Graphk Ride or die Video

Graphk Ride or die Video

Paula Barbieri "Cosmopolitan" cover portrait with pencil on Schoellershammer 200gr no grain

Paula Barbieri „Cosmopolitan“ cover portrait with pencil on Schoellershammer 200gr no grain

One of the early works

What is art, what is profession?

Some years after the fails ;) I got 2 know the father of my honey. She was beautiful and he was working as an illustrator…In the next 2 years I learned far more about the illustration Bizz than in all the years before. And I had the opportunity of getting a close insight into professional illustration. And I realized that the deal was 2 finish as many as possible illustration within a timeline. If I work free on portraits yeah its more fun…but its not good with a cam on your head…cauze If you wanna show, how an illustration evolves with a cam on your head its no good idea 2 turn your head from left 2 right and vice versa all the time.
So know you know, why Iam doing it just that simply way. But stay relaxed and cool. Cauze I also realized that this was is not as simply as it seems. Have fun!

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