New Tales from the lab ♫

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Tales from the Lab at 10am in the morning MET

Tales from the Lab at 10am in the morning MET

We are on air for three month now. Time for a resumè. Me and four man crew know, that you like to look behind the Screnes. So here is a collage of the hardening work at drpimpslab. Me, myself, Dr. Pimp have a desk full of work, that I want to share with all you twitter followers.

I did a lot last night, smoke a bunch of cigarettes (of course cleaned out the ashtray), drunk some marvellous Asti Spumante and watch „Perro come perro“. As always I was sitting on my chief chair and draw a bit with my Faber Castell and Copic Markers on transparent paper. I´m currently working on the next magazine. So the whole scene is very very confidental, don`t tell anayone about it! If you really adore those pictures then bookmark us or RT or twitter something. You know there is a list on twitter for that. Perro come perro is no film for kids. It`s very good to know that it is only allowed for adults. Although it is even disturbing for adults.
I hope that things in Colombia will change and that the film will help to do so. It`s very very sinister shit.

As you see I´m working on the magazine cover with Mac Dre. It`s not finished yet, but i will show you more, when it is finished. May Mac Dre R.I.P.. He was a great Rapper with a lot of talent, although a shady type like myself. To give myself a more rappical attitude I`ve changed my style for the cover, as you might recognized. This was for marketing aspects. Because you have to be serious in the rap business. Please comment if you like my style (and if you don`t, save your time and do not comment on this). I Wish all of you a nice Weekend.

That`s enough for now, from the inside of the bureau. Stay tuned for the next Playa Card.

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