One Hunid – Scarface feat Will Hen, Young Malice (Tha product) – I am a – video

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let it roll

This is South side for life.
I´m killing and dying for it.
Representing it like a big red rack and drive for it.
But it ain`t no common lines you got with yourself,
you know it.
My advice to outtowners
you better just watch where you going.
Addictions is here down with us,
so thang, we don`t slow it.
But after speeding up, letting you know how it ain`t goes
You think I´m bull shiting if you becoming those hoes
But think if you are running some pussy that we put on the show.
You will respect it.
but if not you will get your head pflunged
That`s that representing my town
You want some pussy that we put on this show
This is real niggaz here so let the real niggaz stand up
So fuck what you claim and where you come from
you gone respect.

That`s that representing my town
And they got no problem with me shittin it down.
My bloody nickle niggaz feeling me
they know how it goes
H- town is where you are at

That`s that representing my town

[ Young Malice ]
Your a spectator
Play the sideline and watch me
You ain`t fight the feeling
It`s hard to think with you fucking brain blown out
Pure kane, like a muslim with no pope.
Get the niggaz out of my projects

[Will Hen]
It`s time to locate it.
But I´m on the way.
The dammo Frisco is a motherfucker
and somebody get layed out.
Put the hook on the blade and run
You mistake that Uzi for a bunch of firecrackers

I´m a uptown,
downtown longbeach nigga
Streetwise Nigga
I´m a Phoenix,, Arizona

I´m a all at home nigga

She got my name on her thigh, her back, and her chest, like I’m depressed

The legendary Scarface again with a new combo

This is „One Hunid“ aka „Tha product“ or whatsoever. It is classical dirty south oldschool bestway ever rap enjoy. :)