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Terminator sentenced the King of Crips to death. Is that Hollywood movie?



Dr. Pimp:

„I just feel a little bit uncomfortable again, writing about the newest Pimp Playa Card – The Jack of Diamonds, cause it is directly dedicated to Stanley Tookie Williams“.
I did not know him, but learned more about him by watching „Redemption“ the film. I was shocked by the end of the whole story: Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) sentenced the King of Crips to death. Is that the new Hollywood?
(Exactly Arnold Schwarzenegger did not, but he shows no mercy on Tookie and declined his appeal for clemency, although Tookie was fighting for peace between bloods and crips and tries to end up the street war in America.
I am sure abot that this was his form of asking for foregiveness.
Tookie reflects the nature of the perfect sinner. He failed and made mistakes and afterwards praised for peace.
Nowhere near enough, he also agitates for compensation between Blue and Red and tried to change the life in the streets and brutal gang life mentality.
In my oppinion he did that for the sake of a young generation of thugs growing up under better circumstances.
I liked and adore his positive Powers and his strength of will. I hope and wish that his spirit will live on and that Tookie Rest in Paradise.
Thanks for your patience.“

P.S.: I would go and protest on the streets too (in an acceptable, democratic, mostly civilized way), if a re-entered Carinthian would sent any people to death here in my country in Transylvania – whether guilty or not. Brutality is no solution.

And here comes the adaequate music for Tookie.

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