Pimps Playlist American style

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Give me Five HIGH FIVE…oh no its more, its over seven. This is the new invention of da week – Dr. Pimps Video Playlist Mixtape.

Just watch, it`s the ability to perform and act as a talent, not wondering about the possibilities of success or if you even succeed. Thats how creational power rocks da business. We have choosen this strictly recpommended stuff very wisely. Boss B, E klips da Hustla, Bobby Creekwater, D. Bledsoe, Young Ba, Dezzie, Mr. Limp, Spoda and Philthy Rich are the talents, that we like and feature and support! Have fun with the best Rap Videos here in our very special Rap Music Magazine.

Dr. Pimps first Video Playlist

Dr. Pimps first Video Playlist

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