Playa Cards – Ace of ♠-Spades

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The Ace of Spades

The 7 secrets of the Pimp-Playa-Cards!


I just dont know, why Dr. Pimp is always missing a piece. So he is running away searching for the lost and missed Playa Cards: the 2 Aces and one more queen.
This man gots old. So today to make a long story short: I will tell you, what you can see in this picture: It`S me, So that is a short description of me as a Vampire Lady Queen whatsoever stuff. Stay tuned and Watch this. I`m sure, we made several mistakes in naming the cards, so we will meet again in the near future.

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..and for SEO sake success PimpPlayaCardcorrelation, cooperation, comics, comic, top 10, whatsoeverGood night from eve. Next time on twitter: Dr. Pimp got it a new Playa Card…The finding of the lost Playa Cards

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