Pimps Playa Cards – Ace of ♦-diamonds

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This is the Ace of Dimonds Playa Card. A real cruel Playa Card

This is the Ace of Dimonds Playa Card. A real cruel Playa Card

I really don`t know how it come to this. It`s weired, crazy, sexy, unforgettable and complete sick. It`s a mixture of that. Therefore I´m proud to present another Ace, as we had only 2 up to this moment. So have a closer look and let that have effect on you. But don`t watch it too long it is completely sick…but the PimpGame is 2, so now up from this moment we will call them:


…and for SEO sake have to drop another PimpPlayaCard :D writing in a semantically related and familiar correlation to the overall situation, to give even more search engine optimized garanteed to hit the Top 10 of google. The new title of the Playa Cards is now newly announced as „Pimp Playa Cards„.

What is Pimp-Playa-Cards?

It`s a Card Game that never existed before. Is was driven by self confidence despiration, fear and lonelyness. I´m sure you can get that in the picture. And me myself get shivering. For the Sake that this new name for the Dr. Pimp Playa Card section is changed to Pimp Playa Cards and potentially named Dr. Pimps Playa Cards.
And moreover from now on you know how SEO specialists work. If you ask yourself, so why can`t I find one mothafucking thing of Dr. Pimp , first name Salvatorius on google then? My name is pimp and I´M funky. The answer is easy as that. We have choosen a good template and pimped up our design stuff. But the theme is not very seo friendly, the source code is noootttt nice. So what? Moreover unfortuanately we have no technicians on board, who has time to fix our source code…so I will have to one day.. one day. And even though I hate spending my time on CSS design and CSS styling and checking out good smart, sharp and thin html output, to make it easier to find and taste us here…My friends and followers thanx for your patience tonight. Sleep well and have nice dreams.
And if you wanna do us a favour that share your 5,6,7,8 google PR (Page Rank) and link us or comment here or RT (twitter)us or bookmark us. The keywords set – now it is up to you…



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