Pimps Playa Cards – Jack of ♠-Spades

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Playa Cards – Jack of ♠-Spades

Playa Cards – Jack of ♠-Spades

Dr. Pimp:

„I just feel a little bit uncomfortable now. It is late and I have to go to bed. Just to give you more artwork tomorrow. It will be something completely new and download for free software – SEO attractive shit. As might already you have to take that SEO stuff really serious, otherwise you get will get lost in cyberspace with all the consequences nothing to eat but spam Mails and web spider rubbish (e.g. „Ten tons of gold for free just become a member! And don`t read the small and tiny written“). Therefore we keep an eye on SEO affairs. At URLs we are not that restrictive, we use bad, but nice looking utf-8 Icons, very stylish and spartanic the same way round. „

Yeah, what I really want to do now is to introduce a new member of the Pimpsickmagazine and the drpimpsLab as well. It is General YIn Yang. A raw lady from the eastern Part of the world. I draw her really dominant. But if you take a closer look to the picture, you will discover the nice young lady in the big fish tank. Actually it is no tank for fishes but for brreding. And more actually it is an important accessoire from the breeding part of my lab. Of cause the girl is to. The great bis Wherewolf is drwan just to fill up the whole scenery (or was it actually a horrorfying mistake that was caused by me? Don`t bother – we will catch him again). The General Yin Yang Lady is head of real great army of clones – tons of millions of clones. I will write on this story in the near future. I don`t really, who the little laboratory personnel man is. Don`t bother, I wish you good night now. Oh happy days.

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