„SOUTHSIDE“ – by: Speedball of GrownAzzGangstaz [HD] – video

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Final Video Version of „Southside“

Speedball Jordan is the featured artist this week. So watch the career of that upcoming artist. Check out the legend performing. „Southside“ is from the Album „So monumental“, „Southside“ is Produced/Recorded/Mixed by: DJ Loot

Speedball Jordan iz a Pimpsick member – dat shits so monumental

I got no words for that except: „Speedball“ you have choosen your name very wisely. This one pilled my cap off. simply that Westcoast Shit dat I like. I cant express the feelings that it gave to me, but its a very song emotional and resonable song. Its perfect and it reminds me of the better days of rap. Its like 2pac 2011. Jordan, Iam sure you will earn the respekt, that you work for hard and preserve most. You`re extraordinary talented. One of the best songs i hear so far this year. I will never forget that one ever again. Great! and thanx for that, my man Jordan. Keep your head up and try to make a good living. „Southside“ reflects the true meaning of rap: straight 2 the bone. Its streetstyle, streetwise and streetlife. I adore that one, that will make its way straight into Rap Legends and History – Iam sure for dat, caus this song came right frm da heart. Keep on!!!!!!!!Iam very proud that I got 2 know you. AND THE BEAT IZ TREMENDOUS – GREAT – BESTFITTING Thanx DJ Loot! And me fellas dont forget to watch the upcoming pimpsick rap interview with Speedball and his crew Grownazz Gangztaz here on DPL. And do you know what man: Iam Westside 2. Westcoast GrownAzzGangstaz.