Speedball Jordan – Pimps Real Rap – Interview

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"Speedball https://drpimpslab.com/wp-admin/media-upload.php?post_id=6197&type=image&TB_iframe=1Jordan" of "WestCoast GrownAzzGangstaz"

"Speedball Jordan" of "WestCoast GrownAzzGangstaz"

[Dr. Pimp: ] Iam very glad and happy to have my man Speedball in the house. You know that iam not famous for long introduction….So Speedball please tell us, how does it come to the name „Speedball Jordan“? Iam a bit concerned that it has to deal with content that should not be available without „parental advisory“.



[Speedball Jordan: ] Speedball was a nickname my Uncle used to call me ever since a child. The rest of my family & friends would call me Speedy, or PD for short. As soon as my Uncle Donald Bradford from L.A., Ca. died in march 1997, I accepted Speedball as my stagename in His honor.

[Dr. Pimp: ] In fact you are very fast. Who in fact is „WestCoast GrownAzzGangstaz“ and how does it came to that movement?

[Speedball Jordan: ] I wanted to establish a platform for my family & friends who rapped or made beats so I decided to pick up a video camera & take my family & friends to the studio to produce our first tracks in 2009. The name (GrownAzzGangsta) originated from a an artist/friend I was producing called „Crunch“. We were having a conversation one day, when I made a statement about His schedule. His reply was, „I’m a GrownAzzGangsta“, etc… I told Him that from that point on we would be known as GrownAzzGangstaz. 4 albums & 1 mixtape later, I decided to introduce our music & videos to the world via: (social networking, local street teams), by the summer of 2010 by the group name: (WestCoast GrownAzzGangstaz). And I am, Speedball Jordan; GrownAzzGangsta!!!

[Dr. Pimp: ] I mean you all are like us – something like a Rap community. Supporting each other!

[Speedball Jordan: ] We are a collection of California artists/producers mainly from the Sacramento area. I noticed a need for all the artists/producers in the over 30 years of age bracket, needed to be heard just as much as the kids do. I figured, all the consumers are of all ages, so we needed artists to represent the older generation. So we have been pooling our resources/networking, ever since.

NEW VIDEO „Southside“, great Movie music video by EMOE TVEE, Music produced by DJ Loot

[Dr. Pimp: ] And i have an additionally question: How does it come to the great „Southside“ Track AND Movie?

[Speedball Jordan: ] The song Southside, & the video Southside were both created because my Special Features didn’t show up to the studio or the video shoot! Noone showed up to feature on the day I recorded Southside in late 2009 with DJ Loot, so I had to finish it myself because I hate unfinished material. Then, i scheduled a video shoot/photo shoot and most of my features either didn’t show up at all, or showed at after we were done shooting. And that is the only song or video featuring only me. Maybe I should try another solo song?

[Dr. Pimp: ] You should definitely do so… although I was amazed about the dozens of excellent rapper you work with and was overwhelmed by the beats of DJ Loot? Please tell us more about your crew?

[Speedball Jordan: ] DJ Loot is my Homie/Super Producer, who was the first producer I worked with in over 10 years. Most of my collabs are either family or close friends. I just recently started reaching out to other artists, such as Yourself. My Cuzzin G.Will, accepted GrownAzzGangstaz as a group under His label, King Duce Records.

[Dr. Pimp: ] I appreciate that very much. Thanx my man. Is it true that a lot of artists make a living of selling their own records straight from the trunk? Do you know that this situation is totally different from the german rap biz?

[Speedball Jordan: ] Yes. Some independent owners and artists do sell from the trunk, & have street teams canvassing the streets & events selling & promoting their projects. But, We never imagined the international talent pool of rap communities such as yours! Nor do We know anything about your business concerning music & entertainment. I feel, people like Yourself are taking music as a whole, to a new plateau. Also, the days of street teams are needed more on an international level.

[Dr. Pimp: ] Which upcoming projets are planned currently by you and your crew? Please tell us the whole story and please dont leave any important detail out.

[Speedball Jordan: ] Well, I (Speedball’s GrownAzzGangstz) have a mixtape I’m about to release with Coast2Coast DJ’s called GAG ORDER real soon, that will also include some collaborations with You & Your crew. I also plan to release the first single/video off the „Sac’s Greatests“ album called „Check Yo Fresh“ at the end of this year, no later than Christmas. Shortly to be followed with other singles & mixtapes until the album drops on 4-20-2012. That one will be followed by another album called „Capitol Bizzness“, which is also the single title later next year. Also: I’m putting together DVD’s of our videos & behind the scenes footages as we go along. But, atleast 10 of the artists/producers I work with, also have projects soon to come.

[Dr. Pimp: ] And now we are at the end of this milestonish Rap interview so here comes our very recommended speedy questions. So, Speedy you seem to be the most adaequate candidate, we have so far for this:

Your most beloved color? Although Iam sure that it might be blue I have 2 ask.

[Speedball Jordan: ] Yep, blue is the color. Though I no longer participate in the destruction of people or property.

1.) Your aim as an artist?

[Speedball Jordan: ] I aim to create a platform and a vehicle for those who are opressed in my hood/city by taking some of the criminals off the streets & putting them into a business environment built upon creativity, current events, & to provide the tools to express our opression through our music, instead of submitting to a life of crime. Therefore: I hope that we can entertain, tell some truth, expose some lies, & still make a living for our families.

2.) Rap Idol?

[Speedball Jordan: ] My idol, is Muhammed the Prophet of Islam! But I also love 2Pac, Ice Cube, Dead Prez, C-BO, etc…

3.) Most appreciated Rap Track?

[Speedball Jordan: ] 2Pac’s „White Man’s World“ most appreciated

4.) The music you grew up with, music that formed your style?

[Speedball Jordan: ] Grew up listening mostly to TOO SHORT, & NWA. WestCoast GrownAzzGangsta Shhh!!!

[Dr. Pimp: ] Thats it. Thanx my fiends and followas. And a special thanx for my man Speedball – Give him a big round of applause, cauze that iz, that he deserves.

[Speedball Jordan Shouts out: ] : To all my German & International comrads & fans!!!
And a special shout out & thanks to: Dr. Pimp!!! Much Luv, from Speedball & The West Coast GrownAzzGangsta

[Dr. Pimp: ] Thanx a lot brotha. It was a honour and a pleasure to have you here with the best RAP interview I know so far.
And please stay tuned for the next WestCoast GrownAzzGangstaz Interview in line…straight upcoming on Dr.Pimps Lab – „Where you heard it first“.

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