This is real personal – Dr. Pimps intimate weekend thought

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black and white unite

black and white unite

We try to tell you that we want to change the wolrd. U know with something more good in it. I mean we dont get paid for this shit here, so I want you to listen. (Did I caught the wrong words again? – Dont`t matter). I have to tell ya real serious shit today.

Real big greetings goes out to my brother-in-law „Wolf“ (no fun!), who was willing to publish his foto artwork here. And thanks to Mr. TJ 2.
…For all the internet neebies and oldiest, who think they can tell fake from truth, this is no foto montage nor something similar. Its purely an all day life family fotography from my album here on DrPimpsLab.
Fortunately Wolf was willing to publish it here first. So this is a premiere.

He made that fantastique picture of my 2 nephews and a girl named stacy in America. Maybe he will one day drop a commnet here, when it was taken. But I think ist must at about 67 or so. By mischance my nephew on the right side, left us in December 2007. Everytime I see this picture I can see clearly hope – understanding the real meaning of life and compensation. I`ve never seen a compareable picture to this one:
Two young blond boys standing together around a black girl. Rest in Paradise tomy.
I hope you will enjoy it. I really do, as I already statet. I want to share it with u all and thank for his great artwork and tomy for beeing a real great man, true, sensitive, endwise and lovely.
So thats it for now.

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