This is to my little friend „hotelbuchenini.whatsoeverdomainendung“

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Comment Shit SEO

This here ->"Objective Educational,miss girl temperature animal bright continue fuel relate device extra increase foreign publish breath why collection security island organise whom able previous employment remain constant bag result garden change air cheap programme report near per artist reader youth building look seek undertake agree value settlement engineering collect straight best demonstrate very further after pay before interest rely get private turn enemy group complex file per achieve support deep review against yard rare studio largely handle will or business of appoint aim sister independent" < – seems to be a complete new form of Search engine optimization. Indeed it is not. But who can you stop your WordPress Blog from getting spamed by ths form of SEO.
It is easy as this, just copy the text of the comment that you may find in your Akisment spam que and copy it straightforward into a post/article and soon YOU will get the trafic, but do not allow the comment (amd especially the link within the comment), as this will get more trafic for the one that send you that SEO Shit Comment!

Yeah I like such stories

Of course the text shown on top tells no real story and of course it has no positive meaning or a meaning at all. But most webcrawlers are not interested in that at all, so this truly makes no sense but has an important SEO function, it generates backlinks and has a very huge amount of keywords, to get a wide range of target groups but no specific one.
If I caught one of this very interesting examples I will post it here for you on

Good night my fellas.

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