Who is? What is „Butzelmann“? A clear Definition?

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"Butzelmann" banderole

Nor Consumer Test nor selling gag

Very often people ask me these days, what a Butzelmann is and they dont know the right answer LOL. If you are an English speaking people u have even more problems to understand, waht that is (double LOL LOL). So lets get seriuos again. Iwill tell ya.
A so called „Butzelmann“ is a Special Liquor only brewn in the middle of Germany (Nord-Rhein-Westfalen). The region lies in a wonderful rocky area called „Das Bergische“. The alcoholic drink tastes similar to „Jägermeister“. It takes seven month for a Butzelmann to maturate and get the exclusive taste. It has an amount of 31% alcohol – so its no soft drink. Be careful with that.
It`s handycraftet by „Bernard-Massard“ in Treves and bottelt in stein. That`s the true answer from Dr. Pimp and dont firget not to drink and drive.
And strictly not recommended for children under 21. True believe me.

"Butzelmann" in stein This is a stein bottle of "Butzelmann" Liquor Who is? What is "Butzelmann"? A clear Definition?, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings