Yung Gatlin – the all new Snoop Dogg?

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The true spirit of the rap game

The Rap Game is different from any other music style in many ways. With the years I digg more `n more deeply into its true core. The Rap Market has more talents than any other and a worldwide community of friends and fiends. I e.g. grew up with Rappers like LL Cool J, Ice T, Coolio, Ice Cube, 2-Pac, Snoop Dogg, C-Bo, E-40, Mack 10 and all that kind of artists and musical stuff. The rap market in 1986 and the next ten years was manageable – today it is not. The reason for that? Rap spread around the whole globe. Now we have millions of Rap Artists, and a more complex market with more distribution types.

The cover illustration Yung Gatlin "Pringle Plan" with "Dragon Eve" and "Mistress" for the GAG & DrPimpsLab upcoming video interview.

The cover illustration Yung Gatlin "Pringle Plan" with "Dragon Eve" and "Mistress" for the GAG & DrPimpsLab upcoming video interview.

I came across Yung Gatlin as a consequence of hittin Speedball Jordan accidently on facebook. He liked my artwork and I was reminded of the good times of Rap when I say his profile pic. So I added him on facebook as friend and later as Brotha. Now you know how the rap biz story is nowadays…I stumbled upon „420“ after finding the California Bear Gang. It was that „420“ masterpiece that hit my mind. It was that instantly moving atmosphere that reminds you, why you are a Rap Fan: „Blow a mothafuckin pound tonight“ and philosophize about the game. When I heard and saw the track I have far more pictures coming 2 my mind then the ones going on in the video.

The cover illustration Yung Gatlin „Pringle Plan“ with „Dragon Eve“ and „Mistress“ for the GAG & DrPimpsLab upcoming video interview with Speedball Jordan.

Yung Gatlin "Pringle Plan" with "Dragon Eve" and "Mistress"

Yung Gatlin "Pringle Plan" with "Dragon Eve" and "Mistress"

For it was like in the good old timez when 2pac was alive and had ballz. But what caught my interest mostly was the mixture of people in the vid, dozens of cultures partying together. Yeah I must admit I adore that black and white thing its the motor of my artworks. Life sucks if you dont have dreams of a better tomorrow. Thats the reason why Iam a SAC AREA FIEND. Gatlin have a different appearance than Snoop Dogg, but like in the good old timez I can feel a whole new spirit in his masterpieces, all different but from another. „420“ is chillin in a manner nobody can top, „wipe your feet“ is strong and straight and „Trap Notes“ iz representing street Wisdom in a street credibility way.

For me the most important Thang in da Game iz staying true – 2 Pac told me that and I learned about that grewing up in the geto. And for me Rap iz a confession not just a musical style. So thats why DrPimpsLab is a completely independent online magazine. I can do whatever I LIKE.

Yours sincerely
The Creator of Dr. Pimp

The new Track „Trap Notes“ featuring Lace Leno. The Sac rulez!

„Wipe your feet“

„Pringle Plan“